Which Type of Vacation Rental Is Best For Your Getaway?

10/29/2013 by Vacation Ambassador

When it comes to planning a relaxing and memorable vacation, one of the most important decisions you make once you choose your destination is where to stay! Vacation rental homes, condos, and villas are much more affordable, super comfortable and a good bit larger than hotel rooms and are very popular with families, groups, and even couples for their vacation getaways!

We all know what a vacation rental house is, but it may get a bit confusing to tell the difference between a villa, condo, bungalow, or apartment…so here’s some basic guidelines to help make sure you are booking exactly what you want.

Apartment - An apartment is a single unit within a building, typically owned by a single person or company. Apartment buildings range from high-rises that contain 100+ apartment homes to smaller buildings with as few as 4 individual homes.

Bungalow - A bungalow is typically a smaller detached one story house. Bungalows are known for their unique style and wide front porches.

Condo - Condominiums are one of a number of units within a building. Each unit is individually owned and may be quite different from each other including rental price, décor, and views.

Cottage - A vacation cottage is a small house that is usually located near the beach or a popular attraction in your destination city.

Estate – A large and elaborate home on a substantial piece of property can be referred to as an estate. These sprawling homes can typically accommodate large groups and even special events or celebrations.

Resort – Resorts are popular accommodations for folks who choose a destination for activities and popular area attractions. Resort properties are usually chock-full of amenities including pools, hot tubs, spas, restaurants, and other popular activities at your vacation destination.

Studio – Similar to a standard style hotel room, a studio is a condo, villa, or apartment where the bed is located in the main living space. Studios typically offer an open concept space without walls to separate the living and sleeping areas.

Villa – A villa is an apartment or house within a resort complex and can range from 1 to 10+ bedrooms. Villas offer several rooms and often include outdoor space including balconies and pools.

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